Patient Testimonials


Orthodontics has come a long way since I was a kid!  Stieg and Wachtel make it seem like a walk in the park.  All four of my kids have had braces or are in the process.  These doctors and their entire team, make it a good experience!  From the patient to the pocketbook, they are fantastic to work with.               -Caroline W.


Dr. Stieg is an incredible orthodontist whose work is seen throughout the valley. Dr. Stieg takes pride in his patients.  His passion and enthusiasm is seen in his staff and it is an overall wonderful experience.  I would recommend Dr. Stieg to all of my family and friends.  He is the reason I would also like to become an orthodontist.  I would like to deliver the same experiences to the generations to come.   -Pierson


My children and I have been coming to Dr. Stieg & Wachtel for 17 years.  Everyone in the office makes us feel like family.   -Maureen S.


Such a friendly and knowledgeable staff!  I always look forward to my visits and am treated like family!  And… my teeth look GREAT!   -Adam H.


The docs and staff are superb.  I always feel great going to the office due to the friendly and professional staff.          -Dr. Bustos


Dr. Stieg and Wachtel have straightened both my daughter’s and my teeth.  They began working on her teeth when she was 7 years old and she will be starting high school in August with a knockout smile!  We love these orthodontists and trust them completely. -Holly C.


I have been a patient with Dr. Stieg for a year and a half and have had nothing short of an amazing experience at every visit.  The staff is very professional, kind and caring.  -Shannon H.


After three years of working long distance (Sierra Vista!) with the family.... that is this office... I can not express my gratitude enough to the entire staff for everything they did to make a 61 yr. old feel comfortable in a room full of 14-18 year olds!  Oh, and the donut holes rock!  -G. Thomas


Our family has enjoyed seven years of friendly smiles and exceptional treatment with the entire staff at Stieg & Wachtel.  We especially appreciate their flexibility in scheduling around busy school and sports activities and keeping us on track.                                                                                                                                                 - J. Palmer


Dr. Stieg & Wachtel and their staff are incredibly friendly and wonderful at what they do.  Any problems are quickly addressed and fixed.  Offices are always clean and comfortable.  Making appointments is easy and quick, emergencies are dealt with usually within the same day and they do thier best to fit you in.  -S. Rosengren


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